Navigating Autism Together

Navigating Autism Together

Paul IsaacsWe are thrilled to announce that Paul Isaacs, a highly respected autism advocate and educator, will be attending the AKO Autism Expo on the 17th of June at Brunel University. A celebrated author, speaker, and consultant on the autism spectrum, Paul will bring his wealth of personal and professional experience to one-to-one clinics, offering guidance, support, and insight to those on their autism journey.

About Paul Isaacs

Paul Isaacs, himself diagnosed with Autism in adulthood, has been a passionate champion for autism awareness and understanding throughout his career. His unique and intimate knowledge of the condition and his professional experience has placed him in a prime position to help those at various stages of their autism journey. His blog, Autism from the Inside (, has been a beacon of hope and understanding for countless individuals worldwide, offering personal reflections, insights, and advice on living with Autism.

The AKO Autism Expo

The AKO Autism Expo, organised by the Anna Kennedy Online charity, is a significant event on the autism awareness calendar. It provides an incredible platform for those living with Autism, their families, professionals, and educators to connect, learn, and share experiences. This year’s event will take place on the 17th of June at Brunel University and promises a variety of informative workshops, guest speakers, and clinics.

One-to-One Clinics with Paul Isaacs

One of the standout features of the AKO Autism Expo this year will be Paul Isaacs’ one-to-one clinics. These sessions offer an unparalleled opportunity to engage with Paul and receive personalised advice and support.

No matter where you are on your autism journey – whether you or a loved one has just been diagnosed or if you’ve been navigating the path for many years – these clinics provide a safe, understanding space to ask questions, express concerns, and gain knowledge.

The Importance of Support on the Autism Journey

The autism journey is unique for every individual and can often be a challenging path to navigate. However, the importance of guidance, advice, and emotional support cannot be overstated, with various potential hurdles, such as communication difficulties, sensory processing issues, and societal misunderstanding.

That’s where the one-to-one clinics with Paul Isaacs come in. With his deep understanding of Autism and his empathy towards those living with the condition, Paul offers a supportive shoulder, a listening ear, and a voice of experience.

Living with Autism need not be a solitary journey. The right support, understanding, and tools can turn challenges into victories and bring a sense of camaraderie and shared experience. Remember, asking for help is not a sign of weakness but a step towards empowerment.

Join Us on the 17th of June

We look forward to welcoming you at Brunel University on the 17th of June for the AKO Autism Expo. Take advantage of this opportunity to meet with Paul Isaacs and benefit from his wealth of experience and wisdom. Whether you’re feeling alone and seeking guidance or simply want to deepen your understanding of Autism, this event is a must-attend.

In the world of Autism, no one needs to walk alone. Let’s walk this path together, starting with the AKO Autism Expo. Your journey is our journey. Let’s navigate it, hand in hand, with patience, understanding, and compassion.

We’ll see you there!

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