Unfortunately, we have had to postpone the Expo due to the train strikes – we are working behind the scenes to secure a new date.

Please keep checking back for details 

Our Headline Speaker

Carrie Grant

Carrie Grant MBE is a BAFTA award-winning broadcaster with a TV and music career spanning 40 years. She was awarded an Honorary Doctorate and an MBE in 2020 for her services to Music, Media & Charity. Carrie presents for The One Show and has the biggest selling vocal coaching book in the world. She also moderates Health Conferences throughout the world and has been President of Unite Union for Community Practitioners and Health Visitors and Patient Lead for The College of Medicine. Carrie is a Crohn’s Patient and Ambassador for Crohn’s & Colitis UK as well as being ambassador for The Diana Award, The National Autistic Society and Adoption UK. Carrie is Mum to four children with special needs, one of whom was adopted (2 are autistic). Carrie and David run a support group for over 170 autism families.

Leading the change; careers support by and for autistic HE students and graduates

Launched at the end of last year, The Long Game is a peer-led employability charity that provides peer support opportunities for autistic higher education students and graduates.
After consulting 120 students and graduates about their employability needs and the career support they’d like to see the charity is now busy putting these findings into action. We will discuss what the charity has planned and share the careers resources we have already created. This will include the material from our recent employability event at Sheffield Hallam University, which was led by student staff members and included advice from autistic graduates on what they look for when recruiting new employees and how they manage their life/working day to work at their best.
We will also discuss an exciting project we have planned in conjunction with Anna Kennedy Online as part of their #togetherweareacommunity campaign.
If you’d like to keep up to date with the careers support we provide follow our social media channels via www.empoweringautistics.org

Writer, blogger, speaker, and autistic self-advocate:

I cannot change the past or catch up on lost years due to being invisible. However, it is important to note that the cycles of trauma can be broken and used to help others, to support and educate others.

My work and kind ethos allow me to reach out and support many vulnerable people in our community.

As a parent, I know those feelings of being lost and overwhelmed. There is no manual when it comes to autism and besides, we are all unique.

I say this, be kind and maintain an open mind and heart. Autism can be disruptive and exhausting, but also rewarding, do not compare our children with non-autistics, we have our own way to be and to process information.

Autism Support Community @autism_support_community

Savant syndrome is a condition where prodigious Talent can co-occur with developmental conditions such as autism spectrum conditions. Heightened sensory sensitivity, obsessional behaviours, technical/spatial abilities, and systemising are key aspects in defining the savant profile distinct from autism alone, along with a different approach to task learning. This presentation uses as a case study a pupil with heightened sensitivity to music and the development and nurturing of his talents. 

Alphonso Archer is the Creative Music Leader at Venturers’ Academy, where he has worked since 2016, when the school opened. Venturers’ Academy is the first state-funded all age specialist provision in Bristol for children with a primary diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC) and who have an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP). His work with children with autism using a wide range of traditional instruments and the latest technologies, including VR, inspired him to pursue his master’s degree in music therapy at UWE, Bristol, where he is in his final year of study. 


Finally, after a two-year wait, we are excited to be back at Brunel University.

Watch this space for updates.

Anna Kennedy Online created the AKO Autism Expo as we want to support and inform as many families and carers as we can. It’s a time to meet like-minded people, share stories, talk to an expert in one of our clinics and to find out more about Autism and it’s related conditions. All proceeds will be used to support the charity.

Anna Kennedy Online is a small charity run by passionate volunteers who want to make a difference!

Anna Kennedy Online is dedicated to promoting the inclusion and equality of children and adults with an autism spectrum condition throughout society. The charity promotes its mission of disability equality by developing and sponsoring training, by raising awareness of the challenges faced by people with disabilities and also by its advocacy efforts with and on behalf of people with an autism spectrum condition.

For more information about what we do, please click here 

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